Falling Ball – Physics primarily based game with difficult controls


Hello everybody!

Considering the fact that my final devlog there had been rather a handful of drastic alterations I produced to the game. I truly changed the complete idea of the game.

What is Diverse?
Properly, in terms of gameplay, essentially every thing. You nonetheless want to get the ball to the finish purpose but now, as an alternative of controlling the ball, you can rotate
precise platforms which makes it possible for you to move the ball.
I believe that GIF explains it significantly superior than I can.

I felt that my preceding thought was a bit as well generic. Even even though it had a cool manage scheme, it nonetheless felt like “just a different platforming game”.
I produced a stupid error of not prototyping sufficient just before beginning the improvement.

Exactly where TO Comply with THE Improvement?
The game in its core is nonetheless the identical, you have to get the ball to the purpose, so I will just continue posting my devlogs like it is the identical game.


Thanks for reading this devlog! Smiley
Any feedback is tremendously appreciated!


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