Control’s Epic Games Shop Exclusivity Deal Price €10M


Control's Epic Games Store Exclusivity Deal Cost Nearly €10M

Handle launched a couple of weeks back as an Epic Shop Exclusive, and although we’ve suspected for a although now that these bargains are rather pricey, there is in no way been a hint to recommend what sort of dollars we could possibly be speaking about.

That changed earlier nowadays, when Digital Bros, a parent corporation of Control’s publisher, 505 Games, disclosed that they’ve received a payment of €9.49 million for what can only quantity to be stated exclusivity contract. Considering the fact that the total improvement expense of Handle was €20-30M, that is rather a hefty sum.

Control's Epic Games Store Exclusivity Deal Cost Nearly €10M

The report itself (which is in Italian) states that stated Digital Bros received the stated quantity of dollars from Epic by the 30th of June, although Handle launched on 27th of August. This indicates it could not have been practically something else other than the a single-time exclusivity payment that we know Epic provides.

According to the exact same document, 55% of that payment went to 505 Games, although the developers, Remedy Entertainment, received the rest. This explains why so several developers have been eager to jump ship from Steam to Epic, when push comes to shove. We’re confident this dollars also plays component in Remedy’s willingness to continue making post-launch content material for Handle. Preserve in thoughts that this hasn’t been outright confirmed by any of the parties it relates to. It really is an educated guess drawn from the provided economic statement. Irrespective of whether it really is the appropriate conclusion, we can’t say with 100% certainty, but the numbers and the dates confident do look to match.

Mike Rose of No Far more Robots not too long ago announced his findings that the vast majority of games do not make dollars on Steam at all. If all the devs who opt for an exclusivity deal with Epic get such a considerable sum, they can hardly be blamed for it.


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