Huephoria – Indie Game Launchpad



Shed oneself in this game about colour and motion. The guidelines are very simple: tap shapes with the appropriate colour and watch how the pattern evolves. Warm up your fingers and encounter this tranquil tapping game with minimalistic geometric graphics.

Add an added dimension to the game, by connecting your Philips Hue lights to the app. In this interactive setting, your lights will take more than handle and identify your all round game play encounter. Spend consideration to the state of the light(s) in your space although tapping the proper colour in the moving pattern. You ought to only tap shapes matching the colour of your Philips Hue light. And be conscious that your lights can adjust their state unexpectedly!
For the ultimate light-controlled game encounter, it is essential to have a Philips Hue bridge and at least 1 colour light connected to this bridge. Note that the game can also be played without having any Hue lights! It is not probable to connect dimmable on/off lights with the app, considering that the game is primarily based on colour.

Huephoria is a very simple and relaxing tapping game with colourful geometric visuals. The objective of the game is to tap shapes with the appropriate colour. These shapes can contain squares, triangles and circles that rotate and move about in a pattern throughout the game. Retain tapping to boost your score, although watching the geometric visuals evolve. Be conscious that the chosen colour can adjust unexpectedly any time! Hitting the incorrect colour will finish the game. Your Philips Hue lights will identify which colour you can touch. When you play without having lights, the colour of the Huephoria logo will indicate this. If there’s a multicolor shape, you ought to constantly click that 1. For a extra relaxed encounter, you can turn off the timer from the menu. It is also probable to play in sophisticated mode, in which case the game will switch randomly amongst typical and dark mode. In this sophisticated dark mode all typical guidelines are reversed. Fantastic luck!