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Worldline is an inventive 2D puzzle action platformer exactly where you use your capability to manipulate time to fight back against harmful entities that corrupt the fabric of reality.

In Worldline you take handle of a young hero who has the capability to use six time-bending powers – pause, rewind, slow motion, rapidly-forward, record (and repeat) and reset. Pausing freezes anything on the screen (except you), rewind rewinds anything on the screen (except you), slow motion slows down anything on the screen (except you), rapidly-forward speeds you up and makes it possible for you to jump greater, record makes it possible for you to develop copies of your self that stick to your actions and reset makes it possible for you to reset your position but leave anything on the screen the very same.

You also have a blaster, which comes in handy as there are glitchy other-worldly creatures that you have to deal with. The creatures can have their personal time-bending skills and they can corrupt the game globe about them – even causing glitches to seem across your screen.

It is a promising game with gorgeous pixel art visuals and revolutionary time-bending gameplay. The capabilities of all these time-bending skills can really feel a tiny overwhelming at 1st, but after you get to grips with it then it tends to make for a quite nicely crafted puzzle action platforming adventure. It is fantastic enjoyable playing about with your skills and there are generally numerous selections obtainable to overcome an obstacle. See how you fare combatting the corruption!

Verify Out Worldline on Kickstarter Right here

Download The Worldline Kickstarter Demo Right here (Windows)


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