Want input / suggestions on what to do subsequent with my 500gb Super Slim CECH-4000 model PS3. : PS3


Hopefully the title offers sufficient information on the model itself.

Each time I get started up my program the disc will get started ‘moving’ but does not in fact spin the final two days I’ve been capable to tilt the console in numerous distinct angles (45 degrees, entirely upside down lol) managing to get the discs spinning and recognized.

I need to note the disc games are operating excellent as soon as I get previous this step, I haven’t gotten error messages with regards to the game getting ejected (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself right here).

Digital functions excellent as effectively, but I realize that in the future the PS3 shop will at some point be taken down.

I’m nearly specific there is nowhere to send in my console to get it fixed, I could attempt calling Sony but you all typically give improved suggestions than their buyer service does.

I’ve noticed that replacing the inside hardware is not as well difficult if followed by instruction, but far more or significantly less I would like to narrow down what the trouble is so I can try to repair it myself.


Would like to send in my PS3 to repair, but nearly specific that is not an selection any longer. Discs run following a although, but take an incredibly lengthy time and quite a few restarts to be recognized.

Any input would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.


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