Twin Saga adds in a new Senshi quest alongside its anniversary occasion


On-brand, at least.

Gosh, it is been a complete 3 years for Twin Saga? Where does the time go? Nicely, into the previous, and it is time to concentrate on the present, like the new senshi quest added to the game with the most recent patch. Players can choose up Sheru’s questline at level 40 or above and will require at least 10 contracts to summon her, so it is a likelihood to add one more selection to your general lineup.

Of course, this is not in and of itself an anniversary occasion the actual anniversary occasion is obtained by assisting out with anniversary occasion preparations to get a unique present box. You can also comprehensive dungeons for Bashir to choose up more present boxes, if you just can not get sufficient of gifts (and who can?). Combine that with a coaching occasion for additional present boxes and globe bosses to be fought and there’s lots underway to celebrate the game’s third anniversary.

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