Rockstar has announced its pretty personal games launcher •


Joining the likes of Blizzard and Ubisoft, Rockstar has designed its personal games launcher permitting players to access its Computer games from one particular spot, regardless of what digital retailer you purchased them from.

The Rockstar Game Launcher is accessible to download ideal now, and also lets fans get games straight from the developer by means of its shop.


For a restricted time, as an incentive to set up the launcher, you can claim a cost-free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas when you download it, which will be permanently added to your Social Club account’s library.

In contrast to some launchers, Rockstar’s attributes cloud saving for supported titles from launch, as effectively as the potential to maintain all your Rockstar games updated automatically, and some sort of news feed to maintain up to date with all the developer’s games.

A post on Rockstar’s web site suggests some of its Computer titles are not at present supported on the platform, but it really is unclear specifically what titles these are.

Rockstar’s games launcher is only accessible as a Windows desktop app for now, with no news however if a Mac version will be place in spot.

The timing of this announcement appears a small also ideal, with speculation that the launcher’s release suggests Red Dead Redemption two on Computer cannot be far behind.

When RDR2 does ultimately hit Computer, undoubtedly the Rockstar Games Launcher will be exactly where to locate it.


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