ReadySet Heroes Appears Like a Exciting Twist on the Dungeon Crawler in New PS4 Gameplay


We’ve barely heard something about ReadySet Heroes considering that its announcement throughout the inaugural State of Play. The neat-searching dungeon crawler pits 4 players against every single other in a competitive hunt for loot prior to throwing down in an arena battle. It does not sound especially impressive written down, but this new gameplay video from PlayStation Underground appears quite exciting.

This video shows off a standard 2v2 game of ReadySet Heroes. Your group of two will make its way by way of a randomly generated dungeon, attempting to get as far as doable inside the time limit and choosing up new weapons and stat buffs along the way. At the exact same time, the opposition is attempting to do the exact same. When your time in the dungeon is up, all players will be place into a competitive brawl of some sort. The instance in the video has you attempting to feed sushi to your team’s walrus, of course, but there will be numerous mini-games that will choose the winners.

It is searching like a decent multiplayer title from exactly where we’re standing. ReadySet Heroes is due out on 1st October. What do you make of it? Grab some epic loot in the comments beneath.


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