R* joins trend with Rockstar Games Launcher, Get San Andreas for totally free


In a surprise way, Rockstar has announced and launched their quite personal game launcher on the Computer. This marks the continuation of a rather weird business trend in the Computer gaming scene, exactly where large publishers no longer want to share earnings with retailer holders like Steam and rather produce their personal shops exactly where they get 100% of the income and possibly even let third celebration games to be sold.

The later is completely not the case with the Rockstar Games Launcher nonetheless, as only Rockstar created titles are presently provided on the launcher/retailer. Yes, the RGL is each a launcher and digital retailer in 1. It has not even been a day due to the fact the surprise launch of the retailer, so the choice of games is rather slim. It does not even cover all Rockstar games as of now. Definitely, the juggernaut that is GTAV is right here, alongside Shark Cards. Other titles incorporate Max Payne three, L.A. Noire, Bully, GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. To incentivize customers to download and use the new launcher, Rockstar is presently providing away San Andreas for totally free. So, make certain to download the Rockstar Games Launcher if you have missed out on the legendary GTA title.

It is not like the usage of this new launcher is optional either, as GTAV calls for the application to launch on Computer, powerful nowadays. Even if you are fed up with the proliferation of launchers of late, if you want to play Rockstar’s games, you far better get comfy with it.

With zero third-celebration games on the new retailer, it could quite properly be that Rockstar will only use their new launcher exclusively for their personal created games. When you take into consideration that GTAV is up there as 1 of the most lucrative pieces of entertainment of all time and constantly rakes in billions with in-game monetization, this could quite properly suffice. An apparent speculation with this news, is that Rockstar is preparing the Computer launch of Red Dead Redemption two and possibly a remaster of the 1st game. Rumors and leaks have been swirling on the net for a extended time.


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