Nutaku Unleashes Tantalizing Fairy Tales with Otogi Frontier


Otogi Frontier is the newest absolutely free-to-play game from Nutaku and it puts a devilish spin on classic fairy tales. Transported into the planet of Otogiland, you have identified that monsters are attacking this fantasy planet. It also occurs to be filled with attractive girls primarily based on the classic tales of old like Cinderella and Snow White.

Players can type a celebration of up to six girls (with a seventh NPC joining in on particular quests), despite the fact that only 5 can go into the field at a time. Defeat the poor guys in battle and you will be in a position to progress additional along in the most important storyline!

otogi frontier r battle

Battles in Otogi Frontier take location in a hybrid true-time/turn-primarily based program.

What is Otogi Frontier Gameplay Like?

So, what are the fights like in Otogi Frontier? This lewd fantasy game mixes turn-primarily based battles and true-time battles into an intriguing hybrid program. It might look counterintuitive at very first, but it is seriously really easy. Characters will automatically full actions primarily based on their speed stat a character with a larger stat will be in a position to attack more quickly.

This becoming a Nutaku game, a single would count on there to be some type of adult entertainment. There is, of course — you can unlock animated CG scenes with the girls as you energy them up. Even though they do have Japanese voice acting, they are also (rather however) pixelated with no apparent way to disable it. A damn shame.

Bear in thoughts that this is also a absolutely free-to-play game with all that entails there’s a gacha program for unlocking girls. You are by no implies necessary to get something, but you can speed factors up by finding extra girls by way of the in-game item shop.

If this appears like the sort of game you’d like to verify out, you can play Otogi Frontier on Nutaku for absolutely free suitable now [NSFW].

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What do you consider of Otogi Frontier? Do you like the notion of fighting evil with anime-esque fairy tale characters? Let us know in the comments under!

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