No Man’s Sky’s most recent update improves PSVR blurriness, launches new neighborhood occasion •


Attain neighborhood purpose to unlock new cosmetics.

It is been a tiny more than a month due to the fact the release of No Man’s Sky’s excellent Beyond update, and developer Hello Games is now poised to expand the exploratory space sim’s function list additional, with the launch of the game’s most recent neighborhood occasion. That is accompanied by a variety of really welcome fixes and enhancements, which includes a reduction in PSVR blurriness.

No Man’s Sky’s new neighborhood occasion continues to the formula established by the game’s initially run of reside events following final year’s Subsequent update. This time, by finishing missions at the Space Anomaly’s Nexus, players will contribute to a “cross-reality target”.

As this universal progression reaches specific milestones, unique products will be unlocked and produced offered by way of Specialist Polo’s robotic companion in the Space Anomaly. There are 5 customisation products to obtain in total – boots, exogloves, a chestpiece, leggings, and shoulderpads – which collectively kind a wearable Vy’keen armoured suit.

Alongside typical Nexus missions, a single unique Quicksilver mission will turn into offered every day. These reward Quicksilver – which can be utilized to bought a variety of unique cosmetic products currently offered from Polo’s robotic companion – and can be queued into a maximum stack of 3, need to you not have time to play every day.

Hello Games is also introducing “uncommon” higher-priority missions supplying “specifically exciting and profitable rewards”, even though objectives will stay a mystery till a mission commences.

There is no deadline for the completion of No Man’s Sky’s new neighborhood purpose, and progress can be tracked through the game’s Galactic Atlas web page, or from the Quicksilver Robot itself.

Accompanying today’s new neighborhood occasion are a host of new bug fixes, tweaks, and enhancements, which arrive on all platforms as element of No Man’s Sky’s new two.12 update. One particular core region the patch addresses comes in the kind of “substantial” improvements to image high-quality in PSVR, which includes a reduction in blurriness brought on by TAA jitter.

Neighborhood occasion missions can be acquired at the Nexus.

Eurogamer’s personal Ian Higton drew consideration to what he felt was a disappointing degree of blurriness on PSVR when he took the Beyond update for a whirl shortly immediately after launch. Getting now revisited the game following today’s two.12 update, Ian reports “slight” improvements. “Close up stuff is considerably sharper now and it appears like tiny information like dust motes are much easier to spot,” he mentioned, “but factors are nevertheless pretty blurry from a distance. Great progress although, hopefully we’ll see a PS4 Pro patch at some point!”

Complete patch notes for No Man’s Sky’s most recent update can be discovered on Hello Games’ web page.


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