Merge Magic, Zynga and Gram Games’ fantastical puzzler, launches worldwide for iOS and Android | Articles


Merge Magic, Zynga and developer Gram Games’ spiritual successor to Merge Dragons, is an adventure puzzle game about combining collectively 3 creatures or things to develop one thing new and wild. This time about, you are tasked with lifting a mysterious curse that tends to make your pretty quite garden seem only slightly significantly less so.

As I say, the large hook right here is receiving all experimental with the cross-species splicing. You could, for instance, smoosh collectively a cat and a peacock to develop a dreaded ‘Peacat’. But why cease there? Why not cobble collectively an elephant and a butterfly? If it wasn’t for the cutesy aesthetic, such a beast would be the stuff of nightmares, I inform ya.

When you are not playing god, you may come across oneself operating by way of quests or tending to your impossibly beautiful garden. There are also seasonal in-game events planned which will ‘offer the neighborhood unique methods to interact and love the gameplay’.

The core loop of combining ‘eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures’ collectively to develop even much more potent hybrids tends to make for a enjoyable time, and it absolutely sounds like there’s a lot to see and do. At launch, there are hundreds of combinable objects and more than 80 challenges to beat.

Oh, and be confident to retain an eye out for the stray witches that stalk the paths of the many worlds you will be exploring. Practically nothing very good can come of bumping into them, or so I’m told.

If you are interested in discovering out what on earth a ‘butterphant’ appears like, you will come across Merge Magic accessible for download now more than on each the App Shop and Google Play.

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