‘klym’ Saves Ducklings With Your Climbing Abilities


Fans of Assassin’s Creed and any ledge-hanging-death-defying-climbing style games will have entertaining displaying off their abilities in klym. How speedy can you rescue your feathered close friends?

You will be playing an acrobatic climber with a large heart – sympathetic to the plight of a mother duck whose ducklings have been separated across the dangerously tall buildings. You will only have a couple of controls to hone as you rescue these adorable ducklings, but some of the ascents will be pretty difficult. You may perhaps even have to uncover your self balancing meticulously on a thin rope.

With such a wholesome and achievable aim, who would want to pass up the likelihood to reunite a duck loved ones and probably even fly with a single (a la Zelda-chicken style)? Or probably you are just searching to challenge your self to see how speedy you can scale the tallest buildings. What ever your aim is, you are positive to delight in it when taking in Sokpop’s characteristic style, delighting in its simplistic charm and creativity.

klym is accessible on Itch.io. You can also help Sokpop Collective on their Patreon.


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