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Jump Force will be having a new DLC character and it appears like it is going to be the infamous Uchiha Madara from the Naruto anime series. Bandai Namco Entertainment S.E.A shared these 4 photos and they are searching deadly Madara Uchiha is a single of the most iconic shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village a big antagonist, verify out the official synopsis beneath and the amazing screenshots. 

The most fearful and legendary shinobi of the Uchiha loved ones, Uchiha Madara, will be joining JUMP FORCE with his arsenal of moves, like Dragon Flame, Susanoo, and the Uchiha Reflection!  – Bandai Namco Entertainment S.E.A 




Jump Force Madara 1Jump Force Madara 4Jump Force Madara 3Jump Force Madara 2









Date published: 18/09/19

Supply: (1)  Bandai Namco S.E.A [Twitter] 

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