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DEAR DEIDRE: I CHEATED on my fiancée with a sex worker. The girl was very good-hunting but the sex was cold and not like the ­lovemaking I share with my beautiful fiancée, so why did I do it?

I was on my way residence from operate final week and in a moment of madness I decided to turn off to a location on a nearby industrial estate exactly where the girls promote as masseuses but it is definitely a brothel.

 I regularly cheat on my fiancée with sex workers and I can't seem to stop — is it commitment issues?


I frequently cheat on my fiancée with sex workers and I can not look to cease — is it commitment difficulties?Credit: Getty – Contributor

Even although I made use of a condom for the reason that I was scared of having an infection and passing it on, I nonetheless be concerned I could possibly have caught some thing. My fiancée certainly does not deserve that.

She is 33 and I am 35. We have been collectively for 4 years and we have a excellent partnership.

I want I could say it was the initial time I have paid for sex but it is not. I have slept with 15 sex workers just this year.

Every time I inform myself it is the final but then I go and do it once more. My want for sex with them gets the improved of me. I do not look to have any willpower.

 I've slept with 15 sex workers just this year and keep on going back, even though I try not to


I’ve slept with 15 sex workers just this year and preserve on going back, even although I attempt not toCredit: Getty – Contributor

I preserve kidding myself that I am just a regular bloke with requirements but I ­wonder if I have a sex addiction, even although till this year I have by no means performed this sort of point ahead of.

I know I am risking almost everything. I have attempted so difficult to cease but I just can not look to. Confessing to my fiancée is out of the query. It would imply the finish of our partnership.

I do like her but the truth is I am having stressed more than no matter if I in fact want to get married. Every time some thing is booked for the wedding I really feel additional and additional trapped.

I know I am struggling with commitment. Is this the purpose why I go with prostitutes?


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DEIDRE SAYS: Most people have wobbly moments as their wedding approaches but perhaps you have been let down in the past or seen your parents split up and this has made you wary of commitment.
But paying for sex means you are supporting a generally grim, exploitative industry and you risk your sexual health and your fiancée’s by having sex with strangers.
You can stop but it will take willpower and you probably need support.
Sex gives a sort of chemical high. In your case it has probably become addictive because you are suffering some sort of underlying depression which having sex – maybe especially illicit sex – temporarily relieves.
My e-leaflet Addicted To Sex? explains practical self-help tactics. You can also follow the free online Kick Start Recovery Programme at sexaddictionhelp.co.uk.
Get a check-up at your local genito-urinary medicine clinic.
Ask their advice on whether your fiancée should have one too.

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