‘Gekisou! Benza Race -Toilet Shooting Star-‘ is a Higher-Speed Lavatory Race


The world’s ideal toilet racers have all somehow discovered one particular a further and are attempting to figure out who’s the ideal in the planet. And they are not afraid to play dirty to win it all.

Gekisou! Benza Race -Toilet Shooting Star- is a mildly silly racer about people today riding on toilets who want to come in initial. Every of the varied toilet-riding racers has their personal particular skills they can use to turn the tide, as properly as the potential to hurl toilet paper at each and every other to slow an individual down. You have a restricted quantity of this paper, but you can refill it by choosing up rice balls along the course. I’m not confident I want to know how the toilet paper, toilet, and rice balls all come collectively to produce damaging ammunition.

Seeing as you are riding on toilets, of course you are going to rush via public streets with them. Difficulty is, when you are racing about a city with your pants down, people today have a tendency to get a bit annoyed and weirded out by your presence. So, occasionally they could possibly get in your way and slow you down, or set traps that will have you losing that initial spot position. You will want to be cautious of these obstacles as you race about, lest you make an embarrassing error.

Naturally, Gekisou! Benza Race -Toilet Shooting Star- is an utterly absurd racing game that aims to have you cracking up at its toilet humor as you strive for that initial spot prize. Who wouldn’t want the title of “The Toilet” for becoming the ideal toilet racer, soon after all?

Gekisou! Benza Race -Toilet Shooting Star- is accessible now on Steam.


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