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Hey all,

We just launched the Celebration Hub in Fortnite on mobile. It is a new function that gives a space to hyperlink up with your mates as you prepare to drop into Fortnite. Grab some mates, celebration up and let your voice be heard! Under you are going to obtain answers to some regularly asked concerns, and we’ll update this weblog with any new ones you could have:

Q: What is Celebration Hub?
A: It is a new function in Fortnite on mobile that lets you see which mates are on-line, get started a celebration, and voice chat with that celebration ahead of jumping in game on any platform or downloading the game on your mobile device. 

If you play on mobile, you can now celebration up when you are downloading an update.

Q: How do I use Celebration Hub?
A: If you currently have Fortnite installed on your mobile device, make certain you are updated to the most recent version to get began. If you do not, from your mobile device, head more than to fortnite.com/download.

Q: I wanted to download the game on mobile but this appears diverse – did I download the incorrect issue?
A: Nope, the Fortnite mobile app major screen just appears a small diverse. When you open the app, the top rated of the major screen has a button to jump in-game, when the bottom of the major screen gets you into the Celebration Hub to celebration up ahead of you are in-game. 

Q: How do I play Fortnite on mobile?
A: Tap the yellow “Install” or “Play” button on the major screen or, if you are in the Celebration Hub, tap the arrow at the top rated of the screen or scroll down when at the top rated of the screen to pull down the Fortnite button. Following it installs, just tap play! You will stay in a group if you have joined a celebration and can hop suitable into a game with each other. 

Note: some mobile devices can download the Fortnite app on mobile and get into the Celebration Hub but do not meet the expected specs to run Fortnite the game – if that is the case, a prompt will seem letting you know (these needs haven’t changed given that the Celebration Hub launched, but we’re functioning on adding much more devices). 

Q: Can I message my mates by way of Celebration Hub rather of voice chatting?
A: Not but, but operate is in progress for this functionality.

Q: Can I speak to my mates when they are in a match, even if I’m not?
A: Yes!

Q: How do I transfer my celebration from my telephone to Computer/Console?
A: Just launch Fortnite on your preferred platform when you nonetheless have the app open. Your celebration and voice chat will transfer to the game.

Q: Can I join a pal who is in-game when I am in Celebration Hub?
A: Yes!

Q: If I have a pal in my celebration who is in Celebration Hub, but not in game, am I forced to queue for larger match varieties? Will players in Celebration Hub and in my celebration influence how I queue for matches?
A: No. Your mates in your celebration who are in Celebration Hub will seem as if they are sitting out.

Q: What if I want to use my telephone to speak with my celebration rather of my Computer/Console headset?
A: If you have the app open when in a celebration on your Computer/Console, just tap the “Transfer Voice to This Device” button. You will be capable to use your mobile device to communicate with your mates, but you will nonetheless only be capable to handle parties from your game lobby.

Q: How do I cease other players from joining me when in Celebration Hub?
A: The lock icon more than your avatar will lock your celebration so that other players can only join by invite. If you want to cease individuals from voice chatting with you or joining your celebration, make certain you press the lock icon. You will be prompted when you 1st open the app to adjust this setting.

Q: How do I invite a person to my celebration from Celebration Hub?
A: Llama Bells! You can ring your friend’s Llama Bell in numerous diverse areas to invite them to your celebration. You can ring it from the dwelling screen, pal screen, celebration screen, or the Llama Bell menu. Be cautious not to ring it as well numerous occasions – there’s a limit on llama bells so you cannot spam your mates. 

Q: Is there any way to turn off Celebration Hub? Do I have to use the social options in Celebration Hub?
A: No, but if you do not want to interact with other players you can set your celebration to private.

Q: Why was I unable to join my friend’s celebration?
A: Initial make certain you have a steady online connection. Second, attempt joining once more. It is doable their celebration state had changed when you attempted to join. They also may perhaps have backgrounded or closed their app when you attempted to join.

Q: Can I access Celebration Hub from Console/Computer?
A: The Celebration Hub function is only accessible on mobile. On the other hand, any individual in the Celebration Hub can celebration up with players on any other platform. 

Q: What ought to I do if I am on mobile and I’ve joined a celebration began by console mates but they cannot hear me?
A: Some console parties call for players to pick amongst chat audio either from their celebration or from in-game. Fortnite cross platform parties have to have chat audio to come from in-game in order for this function to operate. 
PlayStation: Go to your celebration in the PlayStation menu, pick [Party Settings] &gt [Chat Audio] and pick Prioritize Game Chat
Xbox: [Xbox home button] &gt [Party tab] &gt [Select party] &gt Press the Alternatives button to switch to game chat

Q: How do I switch my profile photo? What about my background colour?
A: Open the profile menu from the top rated left hamburger button. Tap on “Edit Profile” and then tap on your avatar icon. You will have the alternative to pick from any outfit you have in game, as effectively as a handful of cost-free alternatives. This is exactly where you can modify your background colour, as well.

Due to the fact Celebration Hub is an all-new communication platform for Fortnite, we propose all players overview the Epic Games’ Neighborhood Guidelines. You can study them right here. 

Celebration Hub creates new possibilities for syncing up with your squad and staying in touch with mates, and suitable now we’re just scratching the surface of what’s doable. We cannot wait to hear your feedback as we iterate on this new function. Attempt it out and let us know what you feel.


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