A single of the Avengers just got a symbiote in Marvel’s Absolute Carnage


Lately, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have had a lot of highs and lows in their partnership.

1st the symbiote’s sentience was destroyed, leaving it unable to speak to Eddie. Then Eddie identified out that nine years ago the alien had erased his memories of getting a son. Then the symbiote got ripped off of him in order to make a sword for the mastermind of the War of the Realms. Then it got its thoughts back and reunited with Eddie, only to be thrown into the existing Absolute Carnage arc.

In this week’s challenge, Eddie’s and the symbiote had been absolutely at a low — which coincided with 1 of the Avengers merging with a symbiote for the initial time in Marvel history.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage #3.]

Eddie Brock attempts to help in a fight, but the Venom symbiote refuses, causing Eddie to run right out of the symbiote’s gooey mass like a Looney Tunes character leaving a cloud of smoke behind them, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019).

Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

Absolute Carnage is all about its eponymous villain attempting to tear out the spine of each particular person who has ever been the host of a symbiote, and consume it. See, these spines include tiny bits and pieces of the symbiotes who as soon as merged with these folks, recognized as “codices,” and as soon as Carnage gets adequate, he’ll be in a position to awaken Knull, the imprisoned god-tyrant of the symbiotes.

Thanks to preceding Marvel events Venomverse and Venomized, the list of folks who have merged with a symbiote is fairly lengthy, and complete of quite a few familiar characters, which includes, for instance, the X-Guys, the Avengers, Deadpool, and Medical professional Doom. Thankfully, more than the previous couple of problems, Eddie Brock has created a way to take away codices from the spines of former symbiote hosts (with a tiny assistance from the superintelligent supervillain the Maker).

And so in Absolute Carnage #three, the Avengers lastly show up to get their Carnage cootie shot, just before Carnage can either get to them and consume their codices, or turn them into a terrifyingly strong member of his ever-increasing enthralled symbiote/host army.

Got all that?

Adding an additional assisting of difficulty to the complete issue is that Eddie and his symbiote disagree on how to deal with the trouble. The Venom symbiote feels accountable for Carnage, whose initial symbiote companion was 1 of its offspring, and feels justified in applying deadly force against Carnage’s unwilling army to shut the complete issue down. Eddie is reluctant to kill innocent folks, and he’s worried about safeguarding his offspring, his newly found son, Dylan.

Eddie and his symbiote disagree about whether to use deadly force, each using their child as motivation, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019).

Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

“If you are not powerful adequate to finish this,” the Venom symbiote promises, “I will come across an individual who is.” And by the finish of Absolute Carnage #three, when Carnage himself attacks the secret lab with the codex-removing machine and Eddie turns to guard Dylan as an alternative of going on the attack, the Venom symbiote leaves him for an individual really powerful.

The Avengers brought their personal professional scientist to inspect the machine — which is fair, provided that it was constructed by a supervillain — Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk, after merging with the Venom symbiote, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019).

Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

The final web page of Absolute Carnage #three marks the initial time that the Hulk has ever been the host of a symbiote, a lot significantly less the Venom symbiote itself — and teases what we can only assume will be a quite massive fight subsequent challenge.

It just goes to show: No one does a messy breakup like Eddie Brock and his symbiote.


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