Sea of Thieves adds microtransaction shop in most recent update


The most recent update for Rare’s seafaring pirate sim Sea of Thieves brings a actual-globe funds shop into the fold.

Sea of Thieves was a single of the initially games announced to show up on Xbox Game Pass on the very same day as its complete launch. The game has existed without having any sort of in-game microtransaction shop till this most recent update and all sizable content material updates have previously been provided out for no cost.

Dubbed the Pirate Emporium, the shop is only a single aspect of a bigger update launched this week that incorporates the addition of pets and new cosmetic products to the game. It is a move that was announced a when back and detailed earlier this summer time, but only hit the game lately.

That shop will, like other cosmetic item retailers noticed in related games, use a new premium currency as payment for a handful of new goods sold in-game. That ancient coins currency can be bought for amongst $1.49 for 100 coins and $34.99 for 4050 coins.


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