Project Sakura Wars Opening Animation Film, New Gameplay and Restricted Edition Revealed


Sega revealed the opening anime sequence for Shin Sakura Taisen along with the game’s Restricted Edition.

Sega held a third Sakura Taisen stage occasion on the third day of Tokyo Game Show 2019. The occasion this time featured Seijuro’s seiyuu Yohei Azakami and Anastasia’s seiyuu Ayaka Fukuhara. Producer Tetsu Katano was there as normally.

Initially, they showed a new gameplay introduction video for Anastasia:

Katano talked about they place that final scene exactly where she goes “it’s a secret” although smiling to show yet another side of her beside her cool side. Kikuhara and Azakami talked about how Anastasia is a imperturbable lady, and even if you choose the dumbest dialogues selections, she just about by no means gets flustered.

Just after recapping the previously revealed information, Azakami began playing the TGS demo reside. Even though commenting on the battle element, Katano talked about how they’re nevertheless polishing the game ahead of release, and changed the game’s button mapping compared to the final time Azakami played it. Therefore why he had problems discovering his marks at 1st. They also talked about how Seijuro’s super attack is tough to target because he moves about a lot, but you can deal tons of harm with it if you handle to land all the hits.

The anime-like subsequent episode preview discovered at the finish of the demo was showcased as properly. This is a staple of the series.

Subsequent, Sega revealed Shin Sakura Taisen’s Japanese Restricted Edition. Its cover is the illustration by Kubo which was published in Weekly Shonen Jump soon after the game got announced. The Restricted Edition also incorporates an artbook.

The artbook capabilities for every character web page: the draft design and style by Kubo at the left, the 3D model at the leading suitable, and the 2D illustration by Masashi Kudo at the bottom suitable. The artbook also incorporates factors like the cover art for the 1st 5 games.

Lastly, Sega revealed the opening film of Shin Sakura Taisen, and it is truly great:

As stated yesterday, the opening animation was storyboarded by Ono Manabu, who is also directing the upcoming 2020 anime adaptation. The opening is complete of references to the previous games of the series. The way Sumire spins at the starting is a reference to Sakura Wars 1′s opening. Then we’ve got the new Shogomaru which can be noticed emerging from the clouds in the background, which is yet another reference. The opening also revealed that the other Assault Forces have related flying battleships for transport. Anyway, I’m not gonna list almost everything as you can simply see the references oneself if you are into the series.

Project Sakura Wars Opening Animation Movie, New Gameplay and Limited Edition Revealed

The shot at the finish shows the Koubu Form-three of Clarisse, Sakura Amamiya, and Hatsuho. They appeared in the 1st chapter of Shin Sakura Taisen The Comic, which began this September.

If you missed it, here’s a summary of the TGS 2019 day 1 stage event with new gameplay and trailers. And here’s a summary for the TGS 2019 day two stage occasion, which integrated the anime’s announcement. You can also study our summaries of the earlier Shin Sakura Taisen streams: the first stream, the second stream (element two) and the third stream. Lastly, you can verify the information from the game’s demo occasion.

Project Sakura Wars (short-term title) launches exclusively on PS4 on December 12 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. Shin Sakura Taisen will get one particular much more stage occasion on the final day of Tokyo Game Show 2019, September 15.


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