Days Gone Gets New Game Plus Now


Recall Days Gone? Sony Bend’s open-globe zombie game released this April, and is quite darn very good, but hasn’t been talked about a lot in the months that followed, particularly for a Sony exclusive. From the lack of chatter, I am guessing most of you have not completed it but, but if you have, and you enjoyed it, Sony Bend nowadays added New Game Plus, providing you very good purpose to jump back in.

Days Gone’s version of New Game Plus makes it possible for the player to commence the adventure once more with virtually anything they unlocked in the initially playthrough, like bike upgrades, collectibles, encampment trust, and extra. This update also brings two new difficulty modes: Challenging II and Survival II. Even if you have not completed the game but, you can choose these issues from the outset of play.

Sony Bend rounded out this update with new trophies, 1 of which pertains to a new weapon from a character that largely resides in shadows. If you have played Days Gone, we’d enjoy to hear what you believed of it. And if you have not played it, what turned you away?


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