Borderlands 3 Locked Chest Guide: Get Eridium by finding the Typhon Logs, Dead Claptraps, and Legendary Hunt


Alongside the main missions there’s tons to do in Borderlands 3. One of the smaller diversions are Crew Challenges, these are hidden extras on the map that reward you with Eridium and loot. In The Droughts – the first area of the game you’re tracking down Typhon Logs, Dead Claptraps, and going on a Legendary Hunt.

These are scattered all across the area, but aren’t too tough to find once you know where to look. The ultimate goal of your scavenging is to unlock the Typhon Dead Drop, which shows up as a Locked Chest if you haven’t completed the right steps.

Borderlands 3 The Droughts Typhon Logs

In total, there are three Typhon Logs to find in The Droughts. Only when you’ve found all three can you open the locked chest.

The first just to the northwest of the makeshift Crimson Raiders base in The Droughts – we’ve marked it on the map below:

It’s on the edge of the ridge overlooking the giant monster spine in the distance.

The second one is in the middle of a skag nest on the eastern side of the area.

You have to climb on top of some rocks to reach it.

The final Typhon Log is the most difficult to access. It can only be reached during the story mission “Taking Flight”, so play the main missions up to that if you haven’t already.

You’ll find the log overlooking a cliff edge at the back of the encampment where you find the Space Nav Chip.

Once you’ve found all three, you’ll unlock the location of the Typhon Dead Drop – the locked chest.

Borderlands 3 – how to open the locked chest

Once you’ve found all three Logs, head over to the western side of the map marked on the image below:

The chest is in the back corner of this sub-area, and is guarded by a tough enemy. It’s also where you’ll find a Big Succ quest objective.

Borderlands 3 The Droughts Dead Claptraps

There are two of Claptrap’s dead buddies to strip for parts in The Droughts.

The first one is in the east of the map, on the eastern side of the racetrack in Ellie’s Scrapyard:

The second is just outside the little area with vending machines and a vehicle spawn point in the northern part of the map:

Borderlands 3 The Droughts Legendary Hunt

Finally you’ll be taking on the Lavender Crawly for your Legendary Hunt. This is found just to the northwest of the Crimson Raiders camp where you start in the area.

Be careful of the Crawly’s grenade attacks, since they do a ton of damage.

Don’t get too complacent when you take out the first form too. When you do enough damage, the Crawly will shield itself in a pod and split into two.

After you’ve beaten those two, it’ll split again into four.

Once they’re down, claim your loot and Eridium.

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