Arkham Origins Voice Actor Possibly Teases News Coming Quickly


Has the time ultimately come to see what WB Montreal is operating on?

batman arkham origins

It is unclear specifically what occurred to the developers behind the well-liked Arkham series, Rocksteady and WB Montreal. There’s been rumors and leaks of various canceled projects involving the two, but what ever either have been operating on has been silent for a extended time. Now, even though, a smaller bit of speak might have broken that silence.

Voice actor Roger Craig Smith, who voiced Batman in Arkham Origins, produced a cheeky Twitter post about becoming beneath NDA and unable to speak about his subsequent project. That, in and of itself, does not imply a entire lot, but then WB Publicist Gary Miereanu replied saying that the ‘cat will be out of the bag quickly.’

Couple all of this with other teases that WB Montreal’s subsequent game will be a Batman game, it appears that we could be cooking up for possible news about a stick to up to Arkham Origins from the developer. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the time has come after once again for the Dark Knight to rise.


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