Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: Collected Operates – The Definitive History of Sega’s 16 Bit Console By John Meadows


In November 2013, Darren Wall started a Kickstarter to fund the ultimate documentary art book to celebrate
25 years of the Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis. In significantly less than 48 hours, he had reached his purpose of £30,000 ($47,000). By the time the Kickstarter ended on December 9th, more than two,000 backers had pledged £98,000 ($154,000) to the project. Published by Study Only Memory, this collected operates is not only the definitive history of the Mega Drive/Genesis, but the very best book about video games I have ever observed.

The book was created in collaboration with Sega and is the only licensed history of the console. The initially point that got me when I opened the package was the hardcover, foil blocked black on black cover. When you open the book and commence turning the pages you can really feel the paper is higher stock. Of course, there is a written history of the console, but the true gem of the book is the photographs. Complete web page photographs of the unique versions of the console, the CD add-on, the energy base converter and extra. There are two gatefold pages of the blueprints of the Mega Drive and Genesis, along with idea drawings of controllers and the hardware itself, most of which has in no way been observed outdoors of Sega of Japan.

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