US: Nintendo Download for 12th September 2019



This week’s Nintendo Download involves the following featured content material:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • DAEMON X MACHINA – In this new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori, your atmosphere is your ally. Gather and use Femto Power on the field to enhance your stats and develop potent mirages, or wield objects like automobiles and street indicators as melee weapons and projectiles. For even much more energy, upgrade your physical combat skills and understand new capabilities by means of physique modification. It’ll also come in handy when you eject from your Arsenal and fight on foot applying unique weapons and skills.
    • Castle Crashers Remastered – Hack, slash and smash your way to victory in this Remastered edition of the common 2D arcade adventure game from The Behemoth. Up to 4 buddies can play locally* or on the web** and save your princess, defend your kingdom and crash some castles.
    • The Sinking City – The Sinking City is an adventure and investigation game set in an open globe inspired by the universe of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of Horror. The half-submerged city of Oakmont is gripped by supernatural forces. You are a private investigator, and you have to uncover the truth of what has possessed the city … and the minds of its inhabitants.

New DLC:

  • Fire Emblem: 3 Homes – Expansion Pass Wave two – In the terrific land of Fódlan, you need to be prepared for any conflict that could arise. With this new wave of paid downloadable content material for the Fire Emblem: 3 Homes game (sold separately), prepare your army for war by testing their strength in 5 extra auxiliary battles, invigorate their fighting spirit with a new auxiliary battle song solution, equip them with a potent set of things and dress them for good results in a new education outfit for quite a few characters. Oh, and the protagonist, Byleth, can put on glasses now, as well. Searching excellent, Professor!


  • Celebrate the launch of ASTRAL CHAIN with My Nintendo! – Come across the dimensional gates hidden on the ASTRAL CHAINwebsite to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points***. Redeem My Nintendo points for wallpapers and printable box art covers featuring ASTRAL CHAIN, the new action game for the Nintendo Switch technique.
  • My Nintendo Back to College – Back-to-college season is in complete swing with September rewards from My Nintendo. Get prepared for a classic adventure with a calendar inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game, discount coupons and considerably much more.

Nintendo eShop sales:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS:

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