There is “No Way” Future Smash Bros. Games Will Have As Numerous Fighters As Ultimate, Says Sakurai



Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai has mentioned that there is “no way” any future games in the series will function as numerous fighters and series representations as Ultimate, fittingly describing it as “the ultimate collaboration title”.

In his Japanese Famitsu column (which has been translated by PushDustIn and Nokolo), Sakurai says that the sort of game Smash Ultimate has turn into is “unprecedented”. His words come quickly soon after it was revealed that the game will get additional DLC characters than had been previously promised.

In the similar column, Sakurai notes that he desires to place all of his efforts into Smash Bros. He mentions that “even though managing the group for DLC is substantially much easier than the base game, there are nevertheless a lot of issues to verify”, and regardless of the ongoing workload, he is not functioning on any other games and is not taking a extended break from improvement.

In an fascinating side note, he also explains that he’s now been functioning on Smash Bros. improvement regularly for about seven to eight years (from the 3DS and Wii U games to Ultimate), some thing he describes as becoming “like staying in the similar match in an on the net game”. Regardless of this, Sakurai considers functioning with so numerous distinctive game franchises to be an “honour” and “the fantastic job for him”, and that he is enjoying his perform.

You can study the complete column translation here.

Whoever decided on the ‘Ultimate’ name absolutely picked the perfect word, huh?


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