SNK to bring back retro gaming with NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro


JAPANESE video game business SNK is set to release the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, a fighting stick with 20 classic SNK games pre-installed. But not as but — pricing and release date stay unannounced.

SNK say the compact console is a exclusive fighting stick in that it comes with fighting games pre-installed. I was inspired by the NEOGEO CD’s controller design and style and blown up to fighting stick size, and that the arcade stick can switch amongst two modes: Arcade Stick Mode and Console Mode.

In Joystick Mode, players can use the arcade stick by basically plugging it into a NEOGEO mini or a Computer.

Alternatively, in Console Mode, players can connect the stick through an HDMI cable into a Television.

SNK says there will be 20 pre-installed NEOGEO classics. Players can attach NEOGEO mini PAD controllers or even yet another NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro for two-Player action. Button layout can also be rearranged in the selections menu.

“At the moment, we have plans for a planet-wide release, say SNK. “However, please realize that the specifics may possibly adjust primarily based on the nation. Please wait for much more updates regarding launch date and cost.”

SNK hasn’t announced which games will be preinstalled on the Arcade Stick Pro, but there will probably be many titles from the likes of King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting.

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