Snake Vs Invaders – Game Jam Create


Snake Vs Invaders is a entertaining tiny arcade game that blends components of Snake, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and SuperHot as you use your snake try to defend your colony from an alien invasion.

It is surprising how numerous distinct gameplay components are in Snake Vs Invaders, thinking of it was produced for the newest Js13kGames game jam, which calls for the file size of the complete game to be much less than 13kb. In the game you manage a huge snake-like ship that can not shoot, but can deflect projectiles back at enemies by hitting them with its physique. You require to use this capacity to deflect bullets away from your colony for extended adequate to survive every single level.

As you progress via every single level new enemies are introduced that can give some critical difficulties. A great tactic can be to just ram the most troublesome ones, but it does temporarily diminish your well being and your tail size. As in SuperHot, speed is also a aspect in Snake Vs Invaders, with the enemy projectiles moving more rapidly if you move more rapidly, so you can not just dash across the screen all the time. It tends to make for a difficult tiny game, but the points you earn in every single level can earn you permanent upgrades, such as a longer tail and artillery, which can raise your possibilities of achievement.

It is a basic hunting, but really addictive tiny game that manages to squeeze a lot of fantastic concepts into a game that weighs in at beneath 13kb. Extremely suggested.

Play Snake Vs Invaders Right here (Browser)


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