Ring Match Adventure is the new Switch fitness game


Nintendo has revealed Ring Match Adventure, the new fitness game coming to the Switch that utilizes the versatile ring peripheral to transform physical force into strong attacks.

Final week, Nintendo teased a new exergaming title that slots 1 Joy-Con into a versatile wheel, and ties the other Joy-Con to the player’s leg applying a strap. Good friends and households from across the globe engaged in games that involved sprinting on the spot, squeezing and compressing the wheel, balance tests, knee ups, and V sits. Currently, Nintendo has unveiled Ring Match Adventure: ‘an adventure game, initial and foremost, but you will be truly moving your physique – you may well even break a sweat when playing.’

In Ring Match Adventure, players will discover 20 diverse fantasy worlds to take down Dragaux, a buff physique-creating dragon who has brought chaos to the lands. To travel forward, players will jog in spot and hop up stairs by undertaking knee ups the Joy-Con in the leg strap senses decrease physique movement. To jump more than obstacles, aim the Ring downwards and the Joy-Con will register that as a leap upwards. Other modes of movement include things like paddle-boarding, flying, and rolling on a skateboard, that all take benefit of the new peripheral’s capabilities.

In random encounters, a lot like Pokémon, monsters will interrupt the player’s exploration. To battle and charge up strong attacks, players will squat, press and flex their way via challenges intended for a wide variety of physique kinds and varying fitness expertise.

Initially, I was unnerved by these lovely beings telling me how a lot entertaining squeezing a ring could be. But, I only ‘enjoy’ exercising if I do not know that I’m undertaking it. By travelling the globe, battling monsters, and humbling Dragaux, I’m technically gaming and not functioning out, and hence they’ve got me. 

Ring Match Adventure comes to the Nintendo Switch on October 18. Watch the reveal trailer beneath.



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