Newly opened actually superior indie RPG browser game


Hey all,

I consider that like me, there are several out there who have been hunting for THE game they want to be hooked on. Soon after numerous tries I have lastly discovered my gem and I wanted to share with the gaming neighborhood.

(you can see screenshots on the property web page)

It is a browser adventure / survival RPG indie game.

  • Fully free of charge, certainly no spend to win junk.

  • The devs are three RPG passionates carrying out it in their spare time, and they actually listen to the neighborhood feedback.

  • You have PvE and PvP.

  • You can select amongst eight tribes, and you land on an island that was inhabited and exactly where every little thing desires to kill you.

  • You can raise 14 weapon capabilities and 12 basic/crafting capabilities.

  • It is a one of a kind universe although you can really feel the diverse supply of inspiration (GOT, LOTR, Skyrim).

  • What I like finest is that the PvP includes some great group techniques and method. If you like this sort of point, I recommend you give it a attempt!

The game was in beta mode till this week. I was fortunate to be one particular of the early arriver so if you want any aid or any guidance or have any query, i am satisfied to aid, either right here or in PM.

Hope to see some of you in the game quickly!

Some screenshots (taken from the game’s property web page with their permission):

Post image
Post image
Post image
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