‘Mr.Catfish’s Singles Retreat’ Provides Numerous Strange, Eligible Partners Amidst a Murder-Mystery


A robot, seeking for like may possibly uncover it in the loving embrace of a two-headed lady, a triangle, a pigeon, and a lot more. With a 12.five% possibility of getting your soulmate, who wouldn’t test their luck at Mr. Catfish’s Singles Retreat?

Can you uncover like even though attempting to figure out who’s on a murder spree?

Our protagonist, a robot named A13X, is taking a possibility at getting correct like. However, you may possibly be on a time limit to forge that everlasting bond. You will have to sharpen your conversational expertise to praise your companion on their uniqueness – or your date will go down in flames. They may possibly even be the subsequent victim in a string of murders on this romantic (and deadly) getaway.

Maintain your eyes peeled for glimmering things that you can interact with and sift by means of for as several clues as you can uncover. You are at the whim of Mr. Catfish, and if he tells you it is bedtime, you far better head to bed. Your absolutely free time is valuable to solving puzzles, and will be very important as you attempt to navigate this getaway with your a single correct like.

A quantity of secret endings will reveal themselves to you if you play your cards ideal, as properly. Will you be a cunning Casanova or finish up scrap metal?

Mr. Catfish’s Singles Retreat is offered on itch.io.


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