Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake – The largest adjustments


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch is a direct remake of the original 1993 Game Boy game. (Technically, it is a remake of the 1998 remake Link’s Awakening DX, considering that it functions that game’s exclusive dungeon.) But as opposed to the current Metroid: Samus Returns, the gameplay in Link’s Awakening remains largely untouched, with Nintendo paying the most focus to graphics and audio. But if you have played the original Link’s Awakening a handful of dozen instances, you are liable to notice a handful of slight variations. Here’s a rundown of what to anticipate.

There’s a dungeon builder

The Switch remake’s largest addition is the potential to build your personal dungeons applying the pieces from dungeons you have completed currently. These “Chamber Dungeons” are hosted by Dampé, the gravedigger very first produced popular in Ocarina of Time. Like most of the dungeons in Link’s Awakening, the Chamber Dungeons you build are fairly simplistic. But if you are searching to style a mish-mash of your favored rooms from just about every dungeon in the game, head to Dampé.

Sad news, even though: Dampé’s stone shack is situated exactly where the Photographer’s home was in Link’s Awakening DX, which suggests there’s no camera mouse this time about (at least not that we’ve located so far).

You can mark up the map


The original Link’s Awakening had an overworld map with some vague indicators of dungeon and town areas. The remake’s map is far additional detailed, permitting you to zoom all the way in, choosing out person rocks and trees. Superior nevertheless, you can now mark up the map with a assortment of icons, indicating suspicious holes and chests that you can return to later.

The Link’s Awakening controls are vastly enhanced

The Game Boy had two, count ‘em, two buttons. Offered that one particular was nearly often your sword, that left just a single button free of charge for your many pieces of gear. In the remake, the Switch’s B button is often your sword, and the triggers are often your shield and (sooner or later) your dash attack. The X and Y buttons are nevertheless totally programmable, which suggests that you can, say, hold the handy Roc’s Feather (which enables Hyperlink to jump) equipped at all instances, whilst applying the other button for other products. It is a big improvement.

Fairy bottles exist now


It is difficult to think but the original Link’s Awakening didn’t have any Fairy Bottles. These handy jars have been applied in lots of Zelda games to shop a fairy, saving Hyperlink from specific death. But they weren’t in the original version of the game. They seem in the remake, and they’re further handy for taking on some of the game’s tougher challenges. One particular can be located really early in the game as one particular of the rewards at the Crane Game home in the beginning town.

You will discover additional seashells with the Seashell Sensor

The original game had 26 hidden seashells scattered across the map. Discovering 20 of them unlocked the finest sword in Link’s Awakening. Even though we’re not confident how lots of seashells there are this time about, we know that it is way additional than 26, and most likely closer to 50.

As soon as you hit 20 located shells, getting the remaining ones gets a lot simpler, as you are rewarded with the Seashell Sensor. As soon as equipped, you will get a ping anytime you are inside spitting distance of a hidden shell. It is super handy.

There are additional dolls in the crane game


Bizarrely, Link’s Awakening is filled with nods to the Mario franchise. This has been accurate considering that the original Game Boy version, and the remake finds even additional space for references. The very first step of the infamous trading quest requires having a Yoshi doll from the Crane Game home in Mabe Village. Following that, additional Mario universe dolls seem in the home, from Shy Guy to Blooper. These dolls can be placed in a handful of the homes about town, brightening up the joints.

Final reward of the trading quest

If you don’t forget the original game, you might recall the final reward for the trading quest. We will not spoil it right here, but suffice it to say, the final reward is even additional valuable than it was in the original. Woo!


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