Just bought Dualshock three. Fake or not? : PS3


Hello every person. I just bought Dualshock three from on the net. I know there is a ton of pictures and videos about fake vs original, but I can not locate out if it is fake. 1st of all: it came in a box which I think regarded as fake, with top rated light blue colour. Second: when pressing on sticks they sound kinda loud. And also third: when connecting to Windows through usb, Dualshock name is basically “PS3 Gamepad”. I saw quite a few persons had name of the dualshock such as “Playstation three(R) controller”. Also when installing drivers with playstation now, buttons can not be recognized. And the PS button is fairly dark

Back sticker is in fact shiny and develop good quality is fairly fantastic. Also I consider the box is not significant, for the reason that it is can be any box. Here’s some pictures https://imgur.com/a/o5gchol#PCnBSLb.

And forgive me if this post appears unorganized and badly written it just bothers me so significantly.


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