Grand Pyramid Run – Indie Game Launchpad


Absolutely free casual infinite runner. Play as a clever girl who discovers the secret ancient temple entrance. 

The aim is to go as far by way of the Pyramid as you can get, collecting many diamonds on the way. 

Watch out for creatures who lurk in Pyramid as effectively as thieves who will steal your diamonds if they have a opportunity. 

Also, do not keep also extended at 1 spot, because the Pharaoh ghost will sense intruders. 

Along the way discover distinct powers that will assist you to overcome enemies or choose up diamonds.

The game has a dynamic gameplay and aims to be basic and entertaining casual practical experience.

How far can you run?!

– Absolutely free to play

– Gorgeous graphics

– Play with just 1 finger handle! Fast begin-and-play like tutorial at starting.

– Run and smash by way of obstacles, enemies, tomb floors and artifacts watching the pieces fly all more than!

– Watch out for creatures who reside in there, even though cute, they are hazardous!

– Beautiful temple environments, randomly generated every single time you play!

– Pickup many energy ups by way of your journey

– Lots of achievements to earn, such as diamonds picked, levels completed, enemies overmatched, time spent in Pyramid and powers casted.


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