Diverse colours and style of Super Slim PS3 boxes


Hi there, i&#039m at the moment hunting for a utilised set of Super Slim PS3 and in my journey, I noticed that there have been two forms of boxes for the Super Slim models. A single of them are white and red in colour, and one more one particular is blue in colour. Everyone right here knows the distinction amongst the two? Thanks.

Blue one particular: https://photos-na.ssl-photos-amazon.com/photos/I/71DcDvkZCkL._SL1500_.jpg

White and red one particular: https://ecs7.tokopedia.net/img/cache/700/item-1/2016/eight/12/52840603/52840603_3de19f4e-1562-471e-8b60-38e287bf43c0.jpg

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