Cyberpunk 2077 will function 4 kinds of quests, will be handcrafted, will not have numerous fetch quests


CD Projekt RED’s Quest Style Coordinator, Philipp Weber, has shared some new information about Cyberpunk 2077. According to Weber, the game will function 4 kinds of quests. Additionally, CD Projekt RED will handcraft all quests, and the group will not be employing numerous fetch quests.

Going into far more information, Cyberpunk 2077 will function major and side quests, as nicely as street stories and some minor quests.

“Main quests are typically the biggest quests in the game. They are the ones players have to play to get to the finish of the story. Of course we make a nonlinear game, so not all major quests are often expected. On the other hand, these are typically the ones that have the major characters and themes in them that we want to convey. If you wanted, you could only play the major quests and should really nevertheless get a truly excellent practical experience.

Side quests are all other quests we place into the game. They can be as big or even larger as a major quest, or just really brief. They are primarily based on all the tips and stories we want to inform that do not have a location in our major story. Occasionally they also have a precise goal like introducing a new theme to the game, or telling the story of a precise neighborhood or place.

Street Stories are the bread and butter of a street merc like V a bit like monster hunting for a witcher like Geralt. These are the jobs that V gets from fixers like Dexter DeShawn. Performing these jobs provides V far more street cred, so she gets a reputation about the city. These jobs can be really varied and of course also advantage a lot from our distinctive playstyles. There’s normally numerous inventive techniques to resolve them. Street Stories are created and implemented by our Open Planet Group. As a quest designer I’m essentially truly hunting forward towards playing them myself, for the reason that I do not know them as nicely as other quests in the game and I’ll be capable to play them pretty much as any other player.

We also have minor quests, which is just our term for brief or smaller sized side quests. Occasionally they can just be a couple of minutes lengthy, but they all should really inform an fascinating story nonetheless. This is normally exactly where we can be the most inventive, for the reason that there’s not a lot of stress. A lot of cool moments that individuals bear in mind from Wild Hunt are from these smaller sized minor quests.”

Weber has also confirmed that CDPR will handcraft all quests, and that there will not be any procedural “radiant” quests.

“For us, high-quality is often far more crucial than quantity, and we just couldn’t provide this high-quality with modules we assemble in distinctive techniques to generate these random quests. We do not just want to hold individuals busy, but essentially give them a thing to do that is worth their although.”

Weber has also claimed that the group will not be employing a lot of fetch quests. Not only that, but the fetch quests that will be present will be superior than these players encounter in most other games.

“Our quests typically are not constructed about precise gameplay actions, but fascinating stories. Occasionally you will need to fetch a thing there. But if there’s far more to the story than you possibly also do 5 other issues on the way, so the a single aspect exactly where you fetch a thing does not really feel negative.”

Lastly, Weber shared some far more information about the consequences of players’ decision in Cyberpunk 2077.

“There can be numerous distinctive story consequences that of course often rely on what the quest was about. On the other hand, a single point that is aspect of our design and style philosophy is not to have a game more than screen other than player death.

This signifies that for numerous distinctive situations, we have to come up with options how the quest can continue. Even if the player tends to make a massive stupid error. It is specifically crucial for our major quests, for the reason that these can not be “failed” in the classical sense the player should really often be capable to get to his ending of the story. But of course we can make these choices, but then have to reside with the consequences, which at times can really feel like we failed an individual.

But of course, if we get a job and it is specified that we shouldn’t go on a rampage, we merely fail our job if we do it and will not get paid. So we just often attempt to uncover what tends to make sense and give as numerous distinctive possibilities and consequences as feasible. On the other hand, at times we also have to balance how significantly we can realistically do.”

Weber has also shared some far more information about the quest method of Cyberpunk 2077. For instance, the game will have far more nonlinear quests thanks to its fluid class method. Not only that, but there will be distinctive techniques by means of which players can collect information and facts. Thus, I strongly recommend reading his complete Q&ampA interview right here.

Cyberpunk 2077 releases in April 2020!


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