Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian game that follows the gripping story of 4 scientists and their endeavor to challenge what we usually think about to be the “absolute” limits of nature. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella At the Mountains of Madness, but largely set immediately after the original story.

You, as Frank Gilman, open your eyes inside a area filled with strange, pulsating noises. Patterns of lights executing a Danse Macabre on the walls is presented by a queer device on the table. Obtaining recalled absolutely nothing other than that you are in Upuaut, an Antarctic base positioned close to the South Pole, you locate the location deserted and have a distinct feeling of one thing getting terribly incorrect. Somehow recognizing that your memories can’t guide you enforces a strange feeling of vulnerability, a familiar however alien sensation of getting a element of a peculiar entire… Quickly you will find out that getting made use of the device for the duration of the expedition, you have died but then returned subtly changed, speaking of strange memories and of strange areas. You have lost one thing critical or gained one thing sinister…

Discover the Antarctic base, as nicely as dreams and visions. Study clues and unlock secrets, while avoiding macabre beings at all expense.

Conarium Image

Essential characteristics:

• A deep and suspense-filled Lovecraftian story with lots of secrets and Easter eggs.
• Ominous but fantastic graphics designed with Unreal Engine four.
• Many endings.
• A haunting and atmospheric soundtrack.

Powered by Unreal Engine four, Conarium aims to bring cutting-edge visuals for a far more immersive storytelling and gaming practical experience.


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