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A mashup of dating sims and barista brewhaha, Drunk Bunny Games’ Cafe Crush has players stealing hearts when taking orders. The atmosphere may well be fresh, but does this visual novel give a good buzz?

Cafe Crush Evaluation

A selection-driven visual novel, this title stars a character not carrying out significantly with his life. Burnt out on anime and video games, he gets a portion time job at the Kitty Cafe soon after passing by. Although there, he aids out Lily, Josie, and Emilia with taking orders, baking, and producing coffee.

Of course, getting a romantic visual novel, players have the possibility to win the heart of 1 of the girls by the time the game is more than. Crush Points are your most effective pal in this title – these who appropriately do tasks can earn these points, and notifications in the top rated-correct corner enable players get on the correct path. The road to really like is relatively simple – taking orders appropriately, being aware of your coffee drinks, and being aware of what goes into unique cakes will get you a superior ending.

The problems is, a lot of the tasks come across as busywork. Taking down a number of orders is not tricky it is just time-consuming. Realizing the distinction among a ristretto and espresso is also critical, along with a quantity of other random coffee information. Lastly, get prepared to be quizzed on unique cakes and get prepared to play a matching game. Even though these activities do break up the bevvy of text, they in some cases come across as pandering busy operate. Among the simple queries, the hint functionality, and the Cafe Crush notes, every little thing is just a bit also straightforward.

However, the core dialog does not fare significantly much better. Each the employees and the clientele comes off as 1 note, sitting squarely in the footwear of nerdy and preppy stereotypes. With hashtags like “hashtag OMG yummy,” the overexaggerated tones of this title come off as forces. Intimate dialog does not fare significantly much better, with lines like “I’d rather watch actual life” ruining the mood.

There is some voice acting to be located amongst the characters of Cafe Crush, but this also falls flat on its face. Lines are delivered without the need of significantly enthusiasm, and particular characters have thick accents. A single egregious instance has a patron sound like he was speaking miles away from the mic – situations like that come off as amateurish and unprofessional.

The entirety of Cafe Crush can be completed in about an hour. We have been capable to get a superior ending relatively conveniently, even though there are unique routes based on the girl. There is also the choice to practical experience “Bonus Content” from the primary menu, but this is merely listed as “Coming Soon” as of this writing. The entirety of the story only encompasses a handful of days of in-game time, which comes across as odd when a girl confesses her feelings for you practically quickly.

Coffee addicts may well dig Cafe Crush’s setting, but most visual novel fans will be turned off by its poor voice acting and uninspired dialog.

This critique of Cafe Crush was performed on the Computer. The game was bought digitally.

Cafe Crush Review

A mashup of dating sims and barista brewhaha, Drunk Bunny Games’ Cafe Crush has players stealing hearts when taking orders. The atmosphere may well be fresh, but does this visual novel give a good

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