A Knight’s Quest Venturing Onto Consoles And Computer This Fall


Toronto-primarily based studio Sky 9 Games will quickly be introducing the planet to A Knight’s Quest, their open-planet adventure game that is a large appreciate letter to the Zelda series.

Meet Rusty: essentially a Hyperlink wannabe. He has the sword, he has the shield, but he lacks the ability. Rather of saving the planet of Regalia, he inadvertently dooms it….so he’ll have to embark on his journey solely to undo his error.

As in Zelda, he’ll have to discover hazardous dungeons, resolve difficult puzzles, and understand the patterns of massive bosses. And he’ll progressively gather products that will enable him stand a lot more of a possibility. They’re named Spirit Powers right here, and rather of products, they’re further skills Rusty will inherit on his journey. Fire, Ice and Time are some of the powers you can gather and harness.

Sky 9 Games estimates you can get 30 hours of playtime out of A Knight’s Quest. “Many modern day adventure games introduce all sorts of extra systems – ones which can usually turn out to be fussy when players count on finesse,” they say. “But A Knight’s Quest is an action adventure pure and very simple. Combat is quick and fluid, and platforming a dream, with Rusty’s repertoire of acrobatic moves effortless to pull off.”

Dispatching enemies with a fashionable thrust of the sword, rail-grinding across substantial chasms higher above tumbling waterfalls, wall-operating more than perilous traps or solving puzzles by controlling the components – it is all in a day’s perform for Rusty, videogaming’s newest hero who’ll be generating his debut in A Knight’s Quest, an epic adventure heading to Computer, PlayStation four, Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch this Fall.

Start out your journey in A Knight’s Quest this fall on Playstation four, Nintendo Switch, XBox 1 and Computer.

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