Zombie Army four Does What It Says On The Tin, And That is Fine – Preview


Time to kill Hitler… once more.

Beginning life as DLC to the Sniper Elite series, Zombie Army has morphed into a standalone series in its personal suitable. Just like killing Nazis, killing zombies in no way actually goes out of style, even if we assume we’re sick of it, and Rebellion knows that. Zombie Army four really just and unpretentiously iterates on that formula of killing Nazi zombies.

Zombie Army four nonetheless appears to take a leaf from Sniper Elite, with players taking on the function of Karl Fairburne, alongside 3 other playable characters, as they as soon as once more attempt to foil Hitler’s diabolical plans to raise an army of undead. It also occurs to be set in Italy, the identical setting as Sniper Elite four, opening with a moonlit mission by means of Milan.

When you are kitted up at the safehouse, it is simple zombie-killing action as you steadily progress by means of paced encounters. Every thing leads by means of dark, narrow streets as you mow down Nazi zombies to unblock mysterious cursed seals obstructing your path.

These moments are described as sieges, and, according to lead level designer Jordan Woodward, they are 1 of the primary focuses of the game. “Sieges turn into really varied, and they will challenge you to use a assortment of weapons,” he says. “You’ll actually assume about how you are going to encounter every single siege differently, and how to function with your co-op partners.”

Just like Left four Dead or Contact of Duty’s Zombies mode, co-op is a important component of gameplay, although it is also attainable to play by means of the entire campaign by your self (and you really are by your self as there are no AI companions). Woodward adds that you can even play a 4-player game by your self for the additional challenge, “so you can tailor the difficulty nevertheless you like,” he explains.

Whilst the single-player offerings are abundant, co-op unquestionably feels the optimal situation, even with just 1 other player by your side. Even although these are largely your bog-typical shuffling zombies (effectively, apart from the 1 operating towards me with explosives strapped to it – can we get that enemy sort in the bin currently), the horde does essentially get quite overwhelming, and there’s only so considerably your personal weapons can do when they’re approaching from diverse sides. That stated, you can also spot traps like mines or make use of your atmosphere, like employing mounted turrets for additional backup.

That companion does come in particularly handy to revive you if you are downed, although in this status you are nevertheless capable to hold fighting to your final breath. Players who do perish essentially rise up as a zombie till they’re capable to respawn if their teammate(s) attain the subsequent checkpoint. It is a novel touch displaying some of the studio’s humour, although it would be even much better if you could handle your zombie type.

Zombie Army four requires some tips from Sniper Elite four, which took that series to far more open environments. Whilst the horde of zombies is nevertheless very best knowledgeable in tight spaces, there’s added traversal, like getting capable to climb about and get to diverse vantage points. Meanwhile, that game’s trademark x-ray kill cam also turns up right here, although considering that you are not just employing a sniper rifle, there’s a bit far more than just shooting zombie Nazi testicles.

Speaking of weaponry, you will start out the game with really an arsenal: two shotguns, two machine guns, 3 rifles, and 3 pistols. The depth comes from getting capable to upgrade and customise every single weapon as you play, permitting players to specialise their practical experience without the need of class systems.

Zombie Army four also adds some new capabilities, such as specials. There are melee skills like getting capable to punch zombies with an electric fist, but the takedown is likely the juiciest addition – get up close to a zombie and, based on what weapon you have, you will execute a spectacularly gory takedown like stabbing a zombie in the head or a shotgun to the face, which also restores your well being in a Doom-like spin. For this, you will need to have to charge up a gauge so you can not just spam it anytime you want. Assume of it as an ultimate for when you are in a tight spot.

Taken as it is, there’s nothing at all especially unique about Zombie Army four. It is each no-nonsense and nonsensical, undertaking precisely what it says on the tin. But when it plays effectively, although iterating on the capabilities that fans want, there’s not actually considerably far more that demands to be stated. If you are playing with mates, you will be in for a schlocky time.


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