Square Enix Just Announced the Release Dates for the English Versions of ‘Romancing SaGa 3’ and ‘SaGa SCARLET GRACE AMBITIONS’ – TouchArcade


When Square Enix not too long ago announced the Japanese release date for Romancing SaGa three, I speculated that the game would also release for the West in English on the exact same day. I was correct simply because Square Enix just announced the release dates for each Romancing SaGa three and SaGa SCARLET GRACES AMBITIONS. If you have not kept up with the release, Romancing SaGa three is a remake of the original in the style of Romancing SaGa two ($17.99) and it will be the 1st time the game releases in English considering that its debut 24 years ago in Japan. Watch the trailer for it under:

SaGa SCARLET GRACE AMBITIONS which is an enhanced version of the original PS Vita exclusive in Japan, also has a release date and it is just a tiny later than Romancing SaGa three. SaGa SCARLET GRACE AMBITIONS incorporates new characters, enhanced graphics, new voice acting, and a lot much more. Watch the E3 trailer for it and Romancing SaGa three under:

Romancing SaGa three releases for all consoles, Computer, iOS, and Android on November 11th this year. I’m curious to see how they price tag it on mobile and consoles. SaGa SCARLET GRACE AMBITIONS releases on December 3rd for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Computer, iOS, and Android at the exact same time. Verify out the official English web site right here. Have you played Romancing SaGa two on iOS or Android but?


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