Sega announces ChuChu Rocket! Universe for Apple Arcade


ChuChu Rocket!, the classic Dreamcast action puzzle game, will obtain a sequel that is coming to the Apple Arcade as announced by Sega right now.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe is an exclusive Apple Arcade title and was created by Hardlight, the group behind Sonic Forces and Valkyria Chronicles four. The ChuChu Rocket! worlds have been offered a lick of paint and renovated with a 3D style, but the simple mechanics are nonetheless the identical. The puzzles will take mousey ChuChus to their rocket even though steering clear of the dastardly feline KapuKapus, but new capabilities will ramp up the challenge. 

Some levels will be familiar to ChuChu Rocket! Veterans, but some will consist of switches or teleports to use to your benefit. This will be specifically essential in the returning on-line multiplayer mode that will job players to return a lot more ChuChu household than the opponent. Sega assured that it is maintaining it old-college for the multiplayer gameplay: it will ‘make you want to destroy anything in your space and block your close friends for life.’ A great deal to appear forward to, then.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe will launch with Apple Arcade on September 19.


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