Rune two releases on November 12 on Epic Games Shop, open beta launches on September 20th


Human Head Studios announced nowadays that its upcoming Viking action RPG, Rune two, will be launching worldwide November 12th onto the Epic Games Shop. In order to celebrate this announcement, the group has also released a new trailer that you can discover under.

In the RUNE II ‘God Interaction’ trailer, players can study additional about the gods to pick out from and the powers they bestow.

“Will you pick out to align with the mighty Thor and contact forth the energy of his lightning hammer? Or will you pledge your allegiance to the dark Hel to cast a wave of ice spikes to impale your foes? Maybe summoning a swarm of ravens blessed by Odin to attack and antagonize enemies on the battlefield suits you most effective?”

RUNE II will also commence open beta testing Deathmatch Modes on September 20 by way of September 22. This beta phase will assistance each Deathmatch and Group Deathmatch games, supporting up to 16 players.


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