‘Overseas’ Explores Poetic Areas By way of a Shining Starship


Overseas requires you by way of 4 journeys, wandering by way of psychedelic jungles, unsettling woods, terrible neighborhoods, and all-natural areas as you seek a connected which means in between them.

The starship acts as a hub, connecting all of the stories you can discover all through Overseas. You can choose exactly where to go, taking in the visuals and in search of the which means to the narratives you locate inside each and every spot. Every single delivers some highly effective feelings as you wander, capturing the fleetingness of time with a fragile, but striking land, as effectively as locating a sense of horror and creativity inside an eerie forest that appears to shift unnaturally about you.

These experiences, even though seemingly separate, could have some connection in between them all. The game leaves a lot of area for you to locate your personal meanings behind the movements, animations, and events in each and every planet, connecting them if you consider you can locate a hyperlink in between them all. Interpretation is portion of the joy of these 4 functions, with your imagination encouraged to get to function on what it feels it sees in this spot.

Overseas could be expanded upon in the future, with the developers adding much more stories onto these original 4. For now, the 4 areas you can discover appropriate now supply a lot of which means to be unveiled, should really you take the time to open oneself up to their secret whisperings.

Overseas is offered now on itch.io and Steam.


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