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I have some inquiries for my fellow obsessive list-makers and database makers out there. I will commence out with the TLDR of my inquiries: For consoles that had unique names in unique regions, do you count all of these as separate “consoles”? What about supplementary add-ons to consoles?

For instance, if you have been listing out all of the games you personal or have played, would you list games beneath the following as if they have been 5 exceptional consoles?

  1. Genesis

  2. Mega Drive

  3. Sega CD

  4. Mega CD

  5. 32X

The extended version of my query is that I have a individual gaming weblog exactly where I take images of old games I’ve beaten and post them up along with a brief evaluation. I categorize every game by console so they can be conveniently viewed on their personal. I reside in the U.S. so my gaming has mostly been focused on North American releases, but I will be expanding out to other regions at some point and I am not positive the finest way to deal with.

So far I have played 1 PAL only NES game, so I place that beneath NES, considering the fact that it was nevertheless referred to as the NES in Europe, and two PAL only Master Program games and two Japan only Master Program games, and I place these all beneath Master Program, which I justified for the reason that in Japan although it launched as the “Mark III” it was relaunched as the Master Program in fairly brief order. I’ve also played 1 32X game and I placed that beneath “32X”, for the reason that it generally felt to me like a separate consideration from the Genesis.

Fine and dandy for now I guess, but sooner or later I will be adding European and Japan only “Mega Drive” games, Famicom games, Famicom Disk Program games, Super Famicom games, and hopefully 1 day even TurboGrafx-16, TurboCD, Computer Engine, and Computer Engine CD games, and boy that appears like a LOT of separate categories. On the other hand, listing a Famicom game in the “NES” category appears negative and incorrect.

Your thoughts?


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