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Atari_VCS_TitleEnvision it is September 11, 1977. If you have been living in North America, you may perhaps have been fortunate sufficient to acquire the console that would transform the video games market place forever – the Atari VCS (Video Laptop or computer Method, later rebadged as the Atari 2600).

On this day (September 11) all these years ago, Atari produced history by releasing their Atari VCS console, the initial commercially effective household video gaming technique. The video games market place exploded with the VCS, and then imploded in the early 80s, but we will not speak of the implosion right here. Nowadays is a day we celebrate the Atari VCS, that wonderful wood-veneer machine that brought numerous a joy at household, with households huddling about their Television in the lounge area to play Space Invaders and Pitfall.

I don’t forget my initial memory of the Atari VCS as if it have been yesterday. My dad and I have been walking along the nearby buying strip when I stopped at the electronic retailer’s window Television show to be mesmirised by a tiny triangle shooting dots at flying rocks. The game was of course Asteroids, and I fell in adore with the Atari VCS ideal then and there. I begged my dad to acquire the console, but at $300AUD, the answer was often going to be no. Fortunately for me, I had cousins that got the Atari VCS, so I liked going to them even a lot more than I employed to. Ah, to be young once more and appreciate the wonders of straightforward games. What have been your initial memories of the Atari VCS? – engage with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Nicely, with 30 million units sold worldwide and a lengthy lifespan (games have been becoming released for the VCS/2600 till 1992!), the Atari VCS constructed the foundation that latter consoles would stand on and make history for themselves. Satisfied anniversary, Atari VCS/2600!


image sources: gamester81 and blacknerdproblems