Super Kirby Clash is a new co-op boss fighting game, and it is totally free


Super Kirby Clash is a new cooperative Kirby game that pits teams of 4 against bosses, and it is out now, as announced in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. 

There are 4 various but equally cute Kirby classes Blade Hero, Hammer Lord, Physician Healmore, and Beam Mage. Taking up 1 of more than 100 quests starts the boss fight, and absolutely everyone ought to know their part in order to stroll, or waddle, away victorious. RPG components come to the fore as the group increase their attacks and skills by crafting weapons and gaining new armour and products. Neighborhood and on the internet multiplayer is feasible in Story Quest and Celebration Quest modes, and what’s far more, Super Kirby Clash is totally free to start off. With rumblings of a new mainline Kirby game revealed yesterday, Super Kirby Clash is the best game for fans who miss the adventures of the round boy.

Super Kirby Clash is out now for Nintendo Switch. Watch the announcement trailer beneath.



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