Second Galaxy is the Epic Sci-fi space MMO Hardcore Mobile Gamers Have Been Waiting For


The extended-awaited sci-fi epic Second Galaxy has just come out of beta, with an official launch date of September 10th. 

This massive space trading game is a single of the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2019. That is largely thanks to its uniquely hardcore flavour. When most games set in space are shooters or approach titles, Second Galaxy is a totally fledged immersive space opera in the exact same vein as Frontier and Eve On line. It is the very first interstellar MMORPG on mobile.

No wonder, then, that the game has been advisable on each the App Retailer and Google Play, exactly where it is obtainable for pre-order ideal now. More than 1 million eager players have placed their reservations so far.

If sheer buzz is not sufficient to whet your appetite, attempt taking a closer appear at the game itself. The visuals are supremely polished, with hulking space ships weaving amongst lines of laser fire, tumbling space rocks, and giant explosions. The styles are imaginative, and the graphics are super slick.

It is uncommon for developers to take on projects on the scale of Second Galaxy, for two factors. Firstly, there’s the sheer technical challenge of operating servers exactly where huge numbers of players can fight with each other on the internet. And secondly, it is really tough to weave a narrative via a practically endless universe containing numerous galaxies and factions.


That tends to make Second Galaxy a sort of pioneer, and it sets a higher bar for other individuals to attain. The warship models are detailed, the warping animations are genuine, and the combat is constantly completely smooth – even when there are a thousand people today on the exact same screen. And developer ZLONGAME is confident that the complete release will realize the exact same level of top quality as the beta. 

Second Galaxy may well be the very first mobile game to method the hardcore nature of Eve On line, but it is streamlined and accessible also. Novice players will get tutorial missions to operate via, which present up to 4 hours of gameplay on their personal. ZLONGAME tweaked the operating occasions of the starter missions downwards primarily based on the exact same information, growing the pace of the game. 

Meanwhile piloting ships and engaging in dogfights is a breeze thanks to a handy array of easy and intuitive on-screen commands. 


The controls may well be easy, but the content material is something but. Alongside a wealthy story involving massive rival factions that go back centuries, there are battleship systems, legion systems, and so on developed to retain even the most hardcore players engaged. You will be in a position to handle your personal study, also, guiding the improvement of each and every element of your fleet. 

Second Galaxy is going to explode like a sci-fi supernova when it hits on September 10th. Commence your adventure now by joining the official Facebook and Reddit pages.


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