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Kunio-kun, the super-silly classic beat ’em up series, has had far more than a handful of exciting games brought to the west in current years and here’s a brand new spin-off created by WayForward of Shantae fame. Could the ideal Kunio game not even star Kunio?

River City Girls screenshot 1
Never mess with Kyoko and Misako!

For what ever purpose, I uncover myself perpetually drawn to Kunio-kun games. Heck, I’ve currently reviewed 9 games in the series, featured it in a Versus piece, and even compiled a difficult trivia quiz primarily based on the franchise. It need to be the mixture of humour, tight beat ’em up multiplayer action, and distinct character models that I uncover so attractive. I imply, how could any person resist such a charming old-college franchise? Effectively, River City Girls undoubtedly feels like a Kunio-kun game but it certainly does not appear like a single.

That becoming mentioned, the humour is even funnier in River City Girls than it is in the principal series. The story stars close friends Kyoko and Misako who are on a mission to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends who occur to be series regulars Kunio and Riki. Misako is ruthless and brash though Kyoko is dumber than a sack of bricks and their chemistry is downright hilarious. Watching them interact with NPCs who variety from smartasses to quirky authority figures created me often laugh out loud as I played. It is charming and ridiculous by way of and by way of.

River City Girls screenshot 2
Why did he have to obtain the toys that make the noise?

River City Girls plays just like previous Kunio-kun games as you navigate by way of city streets though beating up a selection of enemies with your fists and feet as effectively as identified objects. The controls are tight and intuitive and watching your opponents fly across the screen just after you unleash a fury of attacks is extremely satisfying. This is in particular the case when you study new specific moves at the dojo anytime you level up and earn sufficient dollars. You are going to finish up understanding so quite a few specific moves that you are going to commit a very good chunk of time experimenting with them and choosing out your favourites. Anyway, though you can appreciate River City Girls solo, I extremely advise playing it cooperatively with a chum as it really is considerably far more exciting that way. Just preserve in thoughts, there is no on the internet multiplayer.

As with most Kunio-kun games, there is a welcome quantity of supplementary mechanics in play right here. For starters, you can recruit enemies which tends to make them summonable just after you tag them in. You can only do this with the final remaining onscreen foe and only when they beg you to. You are going to also level up as you play which increases your core stats plus buy goodies from shops which can heal as effectively as grant a slight permanent enhance when you consume a form of meals for the very first time which is a lot like the method in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Evening. Navigating the six location maps though increasing your capabilities, uncovering secrets, and mastering side-quests is very rewarding stuff. There is even a secret boss and 25 Sabu statues to learn so performing anything will take very some time.

River City Girls screenshot 3
I believe Kunio may well star in that game…

On your way to rescue Kunio and Riki, you are going to face an assortment of bosses and every a single tends to make for a difficult and thrilling battle. For instance, a single boss shifts the gameplay to be fully 2D and it plays sort of like a boss in a Mega Man X game as you can leap off walls. To help you with taking on these bosses, you are going to obtain a wealth of accessories as you progress which can give beneficial enhancements and becoming in a position to retailer bought meals things will permit you to heal mid-battle, as well. In other words, you are going to seldom get stuck.

Of course, River City Girls could be a good game but it does have some downsides. The largest situation is that it feels a bit draining just after playing it for a though. This is due to the truth that you are going to pretty much consistently be beating on enemies with incredibly tiny to assistance break up the gameplay. Positive, there are moments that add selection such as the bosses and when you have to jump about a area as if the floor is lava but the gameplay nonetheless manages to get rather tiresome. Even when you clear out a screen of a dozen or so foes, far more will ultimately come in to attempt and finish your life. It by no means ceases. Subsequent, I want far more information and facts was readily accessible such as which foods you currently ate and exactly where particular NPCs are. Memorizing such issues is difficult to do. Lastly, I would have loved to see some bonus modes such as Dodge Ball or an arena survival challenge due to the fact previous Kunio-kun games incorporated a handful of incredibly exciting side-games.

River City Girls screenshot 4
That is life at Nekketsu Higher College, Kyoko!

As a large fan of all issues Kunio-kun, I need to say that I am very impressed with River City Girls. In truth, it could just be the ideal game in the franchise. Sorry if you happen to be reading this, Kunio and Riki, but these girls proved to be far more kickass than you are.

  • + Great beat ’em up gameplay that is good exciting with a chum
  • + Totally hilarious and complete of charm
  • + Lots of cool upgrades and bosses
  • &#13

  • Could use far more to break up the pretty much continual brawling
  • Some information and facts must be clearer
  • No on the internet multiplayer or bonus modes
  • &#13

eight.two out of 10&#13



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