Nintendo’s new fitness device just got a surprise announcement


Nintendo just teased a brand new peripheral for the Switch in a video published to YouTube. And that is about all we know. Nintendo hasn’t revealed a name, a objective, or games that may well function with the new thingamajig. The teaser video does recommend it will be applied for exercising and group activities, even though.

The video cuts in between groups of mates in different big cities across the globe. In every single setting, a single player makes use of the device — a big ring with two Switch controllers strapped on its side — to execute physical activities. They run in location, do yoga, lay on their backs and kick their feet in the air as mates cheer.

Even though most sections consist of a lot of people today, only a single individual appears to play at a time. The device itself also appears to have some resistance: in a couple activities, players attempt to smoosh the band with their hands or thighs.

Nintendo has a history with exercising games and peripherals, most not too long ago with Wii Match. The trailer ends with a guarantee that extra information will be announced on Sept. 12.


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